My fellow community, greatness is a state of mind and being, it starts from the ground up within through triple darkness of our minds. There is no one time in history where greatness started from the top and kept going upward. Greatness requires human sacrifices in our struggles, sufferings, sweat, blood, trials and tribulation in order to get to where we envisioned ourselves to be great.

Every living being on the planet earth were or are born with a gift to be great in whatever we choose to be based on the vision we have for ourselves in the deepest of darkness in our minds. It is also important that as we pursue our dreams, goals, and vision to be a better version of ourselves we should be mindful not to compare or compete with other beings who already have found a better version of themselves otherwise we may deviate from the path or vision or dreams that was already bestowed in the deepest of darkness of our minds by the inner being.

Lastly, never rush greatness because the path to greatness is a marathon and not a race to the top therefore let's be patience with the journey, process while enjoying it and laugh about our journey or process because it is an experience, a human experience as light beings in a physical world and physical body. Brothers and sisters, as long as we keep living but at the same time using our minds on the right side of the God within ourselves we all shall be successful in our various fields or world of greatness.